How to look Facebook story when someone has blocked you?

You’re using Facebook and you’re having an suspicion that someone blocked you from reading their story. However, Facebook doesn’t tell you that they have hidden their story.

Facebook introduced an option for stories just a few years ago after it was released on Instagram that allowed your friends to see your story. Based your privacy settings, the possibility exists that your friends may have watched your account, and it was made public for everyone to view.

As some users want to limit who sees their story , and keep certain information private to ensure that people don’t know, Facebook allowed people to keep their story hidden from their friends. If you block someone from viewing your account, the person will not be able to view your story.

It’s possible that you are unhappy because you want be aware of whether this person has issues with you. Lucky for you I’ll provide you with a few methods to find out whether someone has blocked you from seeing their Facebook page.

Can You Tell if Someone blocked you from seeing the Story they shared on Facebook?

There’s no way to determine who stopped you from viewing their story on Facebook since this is a violation of privacy. Although their story is visible to their acquaintances, once they’ve blocked their personal story away from your view, no method of revealing it.

If you’re wondering whether your acquaintance has stopped you from seeing their story but there’s no way of knowing whether they’ve done it. If they don’t publish any stories, this may make you suspicious since you could have concluded that they’ve blocked your access to it. However, even if someone hasn’t posted stories any more, does not mean they’ve stopped the possibility of viewing their story.

But the best method of determining the truth about someone’s story would be to inquire of someone who is close to or who follows them. Ask them what stories have they shared’. In this way you’ll find out if they’ve hidden their tale from you.

What to Do If  You were blocked from seeing the Story of theirs on Facebook?

There are several ways to find out if someone prevented you from viewing their posts. There are loopholes you can utilize to determine the issue, however, it’s not possible to be able to determine directly from your own Facebook account. You’ll have to look through other accounts to get information since they won’t be able to hide from reading news stories.

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