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Overview of YouTube Comments

YouTube has set up a new platform for users to watch videos on a single platform since day one. Irrespective of so many new platforms, it has never lost its glory. Until today, whenever we have to search for any videos, tutorials or learning, it is the first platform where we all search for it. You all will agree with me on this, right?

This app is like a compulsion in all the gadgets, and people of all age groups use this platform for learning, entertainment, religious purpose and more. So many changes have happened since day one, but one thing that remained the same till the day is its popularity. It seems it will never stop and will keep growing!


Select a Plan to Buy YouTube Comments

You can select the plans below which service you want to buy for your YouTube video.

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Major Features

Features mentioned below will help you get sufficient comments and enhance the visibility of your video.

Speedy Comments

FBPostLikes start delivering the comments immediately after making the payment. You need to choose the plan that matches your requirement and see the numbers growing smoothly. Your YouTube account will get more attention for sure once you get more comments on it.

Real People

While buying comments, the biggest fear is what if the comments come through BOT. It will not only ruin the user's image but will never bring any engagement. Here we provide YouTube comments from the accounts that are real. These comments will bring engagement forever and attract more audience to you.


Remember when we say we never ask for your credentials? We are nowhere joking! You will be asked to share the video URL where you want to add the comments, which is enough. The information shared while making the payment is never shared with any third party. We work towards developing a relationship with our clients that lasts forever.

Customer Support

Our customer helpline is available 24X7 to ensure immediate help reaches the client round the clock. Our services are often smooth, and our customers can reach us through live chat and email if there are any hindrances. Get ready to witness instant replies while working with us!

The mentioned features are pretty impressive for sure, and there is no other service provider able to deliver them. Yes, we are not complacent as there is a still a room to grow and serve better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Of course, yes! But the essence of real comments is irreplaceable. Here to enjoy the same benefits, one can buy YouTube comments from a site that excels in providing customized comments from the accounts that are active. FBPostLikes is one such site that provides all such services efficiently. The purpose of these comments is to attract more viewers, which is possible only if the comments are interesting.

The answer may come as a surprise, but yes, people are ready to pay for the comments as they will bring engagement to their videos. Creators use their time and effort to create content on YouTube, and they hate to accept that it goes unnoticed. The simplest way to attract attention is through comments. To comment, people have to watch the video, adding to the view count. They find it easy to pay and get attention than to remain lost in the unpopular world.

Your privacy and secrecy matter the most, and never forget to share those details only related to the video. Never share the login details or any of your credentials with any third party. Never go with a company offering more services than you want, which means more expenses. Choose the company that understands your requirements and offers multiple plans. You can choose the plan that meets your requirements. Select the site that accepts multiple payment gateways to avoid any hindrances while paying. Do not accept BOT services and go for the site like FBPostLikes that offer these services from real and active accounts.

No, the comments can't be edited.

The process is very simple if you choose to buy it from FBPostLikes. You need to follow simple steps; To start with, share the video URL where you want comments. Choose the plan that suits you the best. Pay for it through the desired payment method like Credit card or Debit Card. Once the payment is done, you will receive a confirmation mail, and the work will start. You will see the comments growing to the earliest. Their customer care service is also extraordinarily good. Choose wisely!

The YouTube account holder holds the whole right to sustain or remove the comments they like. It might happen that you commented on a video, but you cannot find it after a while. Even the comments that came on your comment are no more visible. It happens because the owner might have removed it for various reasons like an offensive comment, hateful or sexual comment, unnecessary links comments, political comments, etc.

Remember, if you are an audience and decide to remove a comment, it will not be removed for the owner. It will just be not visible to the public, but the owner can see it. The creator also gets an email notifying such activities.

10000 views can add $18 to your account, so you need to do multiple things to get these views. YouTube comments are one such technique that will help you to get views. So, grab comments to grab views here!

What are the things that make YouTube popular?

  • Monetization- People can earn through this platform. You just need to be creative and consistent in your attempts.
  • Career - Many people treat it like their career and add employment to society. The creators sometimes add actors to their videos and need editors and promoters to fetch the attention!
  • One place to get all kinds of videos. Whatever kind of videos you are looking for, you will get here with ease.
  • Ease of search - You can search for any videos easily. Even if you remember any line of lyrics or just any keyword for a video, you can find it.

Steps that users follow while they like the content of any YouTube channel:

  • Subscribe
  • Follow
  • Notification bell
  • Like the video
  • Comment on it
Importance of YouTube Comments

YouTube comments have gained popularity lately, and content with a good number of customized comments adds more worth to the video. Viewers always check such videos. Content is indeed the first king, but sometimes these comments act like a spark in the video's success.

FBPostLikes is the first choice to buy YouTube comments, as the accounts we offer to comment on are real and active. People often take the aid of such services but fail to grab real-time engagement. This gap is filled by our services as the account through which these comments are generated is active. You win an audience that sustains lifelong.

Recently, YouTube has introduced several changes like reduced watch time, number of subscribers and much more so that you can start earning from it. Comments on the videos uploaded on YouTube can accelerate the popularity of your channel. Do you believe it?

Why do people need to buy YouTube comments?

Any YouTube video that remains deserted without any comments is often tagged as boring or without any weightage. People hardly check those videos. Sometimes an interesting comment can help a YouTube video to go viral. To grow in the competitive world where almost 100+ YouTube videos are released every moment, it is necessary to opt for such services.

How does this comment help?

Remember the comment screenshots on the page or knowledge-sharing post! Have you ever seen the kind of attention it gets? Often people go to that video and check that particular video and the relevance of the comment. Some people especially check the comments after watching a video to see how many people have commented and if they have commented on something they wanted to comment on.

Sometimes these comments are so exciting that people wait for the YouTube videos so that they can read their comments. Did it ever happen to you?

Why choose us?

We are sure when you look for such services in the market, you look for companies with expertise, reliability, safety and organic reach. Let's see what we have to offer:

  • In today's digital world, safety plays the lead role. We never ask for credentials or save your payment method on our website. We never share your information with any third party; ensuring safety is never a concern while dealing with us.
  • As already mentioned, the YouTube comments come from the real account and hence grab permanent engagement from those accounts.
  • Different plans for different needs! Sounds different! We never bind you to any specific numbers. You can choose the number of comments as per your requirement and pay for the plan accordingly. This flexibility helps you to experiment from time to time with every newly released video.
  • Customer assistance is one perk you can enjoy without any hiccups. Our customer service is available 24X7. You can reach us directly if you need assistance or help while enjoying our services.
  • Our process is too simple. When you ask for YouTube comments for any YouTube video, we only ask you to share the link of the same, and you can see them going live in no time.
  • As the comments come from real accounts, you can expect our comments to be customized as per the video flow. These comments can attract more viewers towards your video indeed.
  • Our payment gateway is versatile. You can pay through debit or credit card making it easier to process.

To build your strong YouTube presence, you may need these services like comments, views, and YouTube followers from time- to time. Remember to invest in those places that can attract permanent returns. We at FBPostLikes try to turn an asset to you by delivering such services from the accounts that are active throughout.

People are earning well.

Nothing can now stop you from turning visible on YouTube with us!