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Instagram and status have become a unique way of expressing yourself and even expanding your business. For sure, you might have tried this particular technique to attain success but attaining more likes on post and status is bit tiring. You need to outsmart your competitors and look to join hands with us to achieve instant and real Instagram / Status / Page / Photo likes.

Our website is offering you likes from real people account. In other words, there are no bots to provide fake likes and cheat with you. These factors can make you love our website and prefer us every single time to obtain likes. It is a way better option and called as one of the most reliable option to go with.

Our skilled professionals will get you real likes from genuine sources. There is simply no point in lacking behind as our offered cheap packages have plenty to offer. We are truly committed to make your Instagrams and photos popular and that too with effective strategies.


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These features will provide you sufficient views and increase visibility.

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After you have completed your payment, we will process your entire order within the estimated time shown on the server page.

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We assure you that the services you purchase from us would be permanent and have no downfall. Otherwise, we will refill the losses within six months, right after your purchase.

Refund Guarantee

We assure you to provide a refund for your respective order if we are unable to process it within the estimated processing time (no more than three days). To know more, you can read our refund policy.

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We have incorporated an incredible live customer support service. That means you can contact us whenever you need via email address, Whatsapp, and chat system. Our humble staff would be pleased to help in resolving your problems.

The mentioned features are pretty impressive for sure, and there is no other service provider able to deliver them. Yes, we are not complacent as there is a still a room to grow and serve better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Of course, Yes!, at fbpostlikes, we aim at providing exceptional services associated with social media. That means you can purchase Instagram likes from us and become popular on Instagram. Furthermore, you should know that our services are 100% secure and safe to use.

First, you have to select whether you want to buy real likes or regular likes. Once you have decided and purchased Instagram likes, your order will be instantly processed if you choose regular likes. However, you may have to wait according to the estimated time if you have bought real likes. You can see the delivery featured on the server page.

There are tons of benefits that you can enjoy after buying Instagram likes. First, having tons of likes on a post will grab their attention and attract them to visit your profile. Apart from this, if you have plenty of likes on your post, the Instagram algorithm will suggest a wider and new audience on the explore page. That means you can gain more followers this way and grow your Instagram account.

It's totally your decision, and you can purchase up to 50000 likes in a single time. However, it would be better to purchase a smaller amount at the beginning and then increase it to higher numbers.

Yes, buying Instagram likes is 100% safe and secure. Apart from that, we also have incorporated an SSL certificate to protect and encrypt your data. However, you should remember that Instagram does not accept these kinds of actions. That means if you want to increase your likes without getting noticed, it would be better for you to buy real Instagram likes. You should know that real likes come from real people, which means Instagram can do or say anything about it.

Once we receive payment for Instagram likes, we will process the order instantly. After that, it will take around 30 minutes to deliver your likes.

No, Instagram does not put a ban on your account for buying likes.

You can only appeal for a refund when we haven’t delivered your order within three days.

How Does It Help After You Purchase Instagram Likes?

Once you have bought Instagram likes, it will strengthen your influence over other social media accounts. You already know that becoming famous on Instagram can be a challenging task as it requires consistent commitment, effort, and time most people are unwilling to invest. Luckily, we have created an easier way to improve your reputation and online presence on Instagram. When you buy Instagram likes from fbpostlikes, we will create a path for you to social media stardom.

You should know that one social engagement would lead to another, like encouraging comments, comments drive followers, and followers would improve the engagement rates. You already know that likes do not come that easy, but it comes from fbpostlikes, at the most competitive prices.

As FB Post Likes, we focus on providing the best user experience through our services. Not to mention, purchasing Instagram likes from fbpostlikes is so simple and 100% secure and safe. Many people are wondering which site is best for buying Instagram followers. We have discovered the best answer is to buy from fbpostlikes.

You can buy Instagram likes to improve the online presence of your profile, like getting your post featured on the explore page. Apart from this, you can also take our other services like Instagram followers to get more engagement.

The Importance Of Likes For Your Instagram Post!!

Having likes on Instagram posts is crucial for becoming popular. They help drive more visitors to your profile, which could even lead to a collaboration with big companies. Once you have become an effective influencer, you will be offered brand partnerships. Plus, you will have more exposure, which will attract relevant audiences to your profile. Once your audience has recognized your quality content, they will begin to engage with your posts as a reward.

As discussed above, if you want to grow on Instagram, you have to get Instagram likes. You should know that almost every famous entity has purchased Instagram likes for consistent growth, so what's keeping you from moving forward? Likes are referred to as the opinion of people about your post.

Have you heard about herd psychology? Well, if your content already has tons of likes, the users that generally wouldn't like your post will leave alike as well. If you can make people believe in your brand and business by having tons of likes and positive engagement, they will likely promote your content on their network.

This way, more people will get to know more about you and your brand. And the entire Instagram network will grow and help you drive more and more traffic to your site. That's why we recommend you to purchase Instagram likes.

As you already know, in the initial stage of your growth, gaining momentum can represent a great challenge on social media platforms, and you have brought something unique that makes you stand out. That means all you have to do is create incredible content and upload it every day, and also keep constant support to your posts with tons of likes as it will help keep your post on the explore page.

You know that receiving likes from others can be a hard task, so we recommend buying Instagram likes. We guarantee 100% secure and genuine services ready to take the first step towards their beautiful journey.

Why Fbpostlikes?

Fbpostlikes is a fantastic site for purchasing Instagram likes. It provides plenty of advantages when you buy Instagram likes. As you already know that we provide 100% genuine and secure service, which ensures that there will be no downfall in our services. If you experience any downfall, we will recover the loss within six months after the purchase date.

Benefits Of Purchasing Instagram Likes!!

If your post is not able to gain enough likes, your posts, as well as your profile, won't be featured on the explore page. That means you won't be able to reach a wider community. Since you know our services are highly affordable, giving it a try won't make you lose anything. Once you have purchased our services, you won't have to spend hours promoting your content. You should know whenever you purchase our services, your profile and post will become visible to a wider audience.

Is It Illegal To Purchase Instagram Products?

No, buying Instagram products is not illegal. However, Instagram does not like that users are hiring outside services to increase engagement, such as Instagram comments, followers, likes, etc. That means it's legal to buy Instagram products. If you still doubt the services, you can contact us through our 24/7 live customer support service.

Top Reasons For Buying Instagram Likes!!!

As discussed above, many people have seen the potential of buying Instagram likes and have already grown so much on Instagram with the help of these likes. All it takes is a few dollars to grow on Instagram. Here are some facts that you should know:

  • Individual companies or users who are running their business usually use Instagram business. That means you must have tons of likes to look popular.
  • When new visitors saw your posts gaining so many likes, they are likely to stay on your profile or even might hit the follow button.
  • Having more visitors on your profiles means reaching a wider audience, which would improve the engagement rates on your profile. In addition, you can get an extensive edge over the competition by purchasing Instagram likes.

Top Ways To Gain More Instagram Likes Organically!!!

If you are looking for ways to gain more likes on your post organically, keep reading to know. You should know that gaining real likes would improve the engagement rate, and the Instagram algorithm would suggest your profile to a wider audience. As a result, it will increase the interaction rate and might even increase your followers. So, let us focus on top free ways that you can use to get likes.

Third-Party Services

Nowadays, social media marketing has become necessary for every business owner, company, and business to move forward. So they prefer buying third-party services to receive Instagram likes. That means they don't have to put effort into promoting their brand, but they do have to consider a reliable customer support service.

However, finding these kinds of service providers is not that easy, and even if you find one, it depends on whether you trust them or not. As fbpostlikes, we focus on delivering 100% secure and safe service, allowing you to buy Instagram likes for up to 12 months.

That means you can choose the duration and amount of likes and the rest we will handle for you. All you have to do is share your Instagram profile URL, and we will automatically deliver the desired number of likes on your post. Let us provide a little more about our services.

There are two different options available for Instagram likes Instagram monthly likes and automatic Instagram likes. You can choose any that suits you best. We assure to provide quality in every service. If you have any concerns, you can contact our live customer support service.

Quality Content

To grow on Instagram, you have to come up with entertaining and engaging content. As you already know, Instagram is based on images and videos, which means you have to develop unique ideas. So, it would be better to use a high-quality camera instead of using Instagram filters as most people are looking for entertaining content. Whether your content looks informative or not, you must represent it in an entertaining way.

Plus, you can even promote your content using the promotion option if you are running a business or creator account. But if your content is already high quality, you don't need to use a promotion option. Instead, you should aim at making your post interactive yet easily understandable. It will help in creating your brand image.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Another way to gain more likes is to use relevant hashtags. You should know that Instagram allows users to add up to 30 hashtags in each post. That means you have to find the most relevant, engaging, and popular hashtags that suit your niche and post. It will make your post visible to a relevant audience, and interested people will like or visit your profile to engage with the content.

Nowadays, Instagram has allowed users to follow hashtags, which means your most will be visible to your relevant audience. If you are new to the world of Instagram, using hashtags will help you gain more likes and views on your posts. You can use Instagram insight to determine the performance of every hashtag. You will figure out the most relevant and genuine hashtag that provides greater visibility and reach.

Here Are Some Facts And Suggestions To Help You Going Forward:

  • You should buy Instagram likes only when you are ready to be seen by tons of people.
  • Purchasing likes is available with a realistic-looking bot or real Instagram users. In addition, you can purchase Instagram likes at very affordable rates.
  • When you purchase real Instagram likes, these users will visit your profile and like your post. If they like your other content, they probably hit the follow button to see more content from you and like your future posts for free.
  • However, if you buy realistic-looking bot likes, your order will be processed instantly after receiving payment. Furthermore, these likes are cheaper than real likes as these are coming from software instead of real people.
  • We accept both Paypal and credit cards as payments. In addition, you should know that our system is integrated with an SSL certificate. And we assure you that your data has been protected.
  • Once you have completed the payment, we will deliver the order within 15 minutes.

As we discussed, there are tons of benefits that one can get from buying Instagram likes. However, as you already know, receiving likes from people is not an easy task as you are required to put in the effort and time to create quality content. And you might even have to follow some people and engage with them. Also, you have to share your content with people who may like it.

Benefits Of Real Instagram Likes!!

As fbpostlikes, we aim at delivering real Instagram likes in minimal time. So, you can receive as many likes as you want in a short time. Thus, we will save both your effort and time. So, let us focus on the benefits of our services:

  • Real Instagram likes are fruitful. When you have created entertaining and engaging content, those users are likely to leave their likes on all your posts for free.
  • Buying real Instagram likes helps naive and e-commerce companies to make their content visible to a broader audience. That's why we advise you to buy real Instagram likes to build a reputation.
  • If real users enjoy your quality content, they are likely to leave a heart on your post. In some cases, they might even follow your Instagram profile.
  • With such amazing work, we guarantee that purchasing real Instagram likes would benefit you a lot.

Why Should You Purchase Instagram Likes?

Having likes on your post is vital in every social networking platform. You should know that every platform runs on a single algorithm. That means Instagram decides which post should be promoted or not according to the algorithm. With the high-quality services that fbpostlikes offers, you can keep the entire process simple and easy.

You should remember that we provide bot likes and deliver real Instagram likes as these are coming from real people. That means you won't be breaking any law. You can also buy our other products like Instagram followers, which saves your efforts and time and keeps you from falling.

Process Of Buying Instagram Likes!!

Now you know everything about our services, and if your ultimate decision is to purchase them, you have to follow some steps.

  • First, you need to copy the post link and select your desired package.
  • After that, you need to paste the Instagram profile URL in the respective box.
  • Now write the number of likes, followers you need, and the price will be featured outside the box.
  • At last, you need to pay online using Paypal or a credit card. Once your payment has been processed, we will deliver your order instantly.

Tips To Gain More Likes On Instagram Posts?

Many Instagram users have discovered the benefits of buying Instagram likes, especially users with tons of followers. If you use these services in the right way, it will cause no harm. That means you can get tons of likes without even worrying about gaining it naturally. But you need to choose a reliable company for purchasing Instagram likes because there are plenty of companies interested in scams. That means if you want to purchase real likes and are looking for an experienced company, choose fbpostlikes.