10 Reasons Why SoundCloud is an Essential Platform for Music


In today’s digital age, music consumption has evolved drastically. With the advent of streaming platforms, music enthusiasts have gained access to a vast library of songs from around the world. Among these platforms, SoundCloud stands out as a unique and essential platform for both artists and listeners alike. In this article, we’ll delve into 10 … Read more

8 Methods to Increase Audience Via Instagram


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media networks. The photo-sharing app launched their Stories feature in August of 2016. The result has been nothing short of impressive, to say the least. As of June 2018, Instagram Stories has 400 million daily active users – a remarkable increase from 300 million in October 2017. The Stories … Read more

Essential Tips for B2B Social Media Marketing


B2B social media marketing is often written off as boring or unnecessary. But if that’s your company’s take, it could be missing out. Just look at Adobe. The digital media company credits its LinkedIn marketing efforts for closing 42% of its deals in 2018. Not only that. B2B marketing helps Adobe ink bigger contracts. According to LinkedIn … Read more

How to schedule Instagram posts in 5 Steps

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Scheduling your Instagram posts in advance is the easiest way to save time on the platform so that you can focus on what matters. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or the head of a multinational team, the more complex your Instagram marketing efforts are, the more helpful a scheduling tool becomes. That’s because consistent, high-quality … Read more

Instagram Hacks That Grows Your Presence


You’ve probably already pored over our Must-Try Instagram Hacks. (It’s a fun beach read, I totally get it!) Now, it’s time to master the fine art of the Instagram Story. Turn your Story into a shopping spree for Instagram Hacks If you’ve got an Instagram Shop, you can tag your one product in each Instagram Story with … Read more

How to Optimize Your Page on LinkedIn


Use relevant and enticing images (most importantly, your cover photo). Consider using LinkedIn showcase pages. Take the time to write a strong About Us page with relevant keywords. Share engaging content. So, we have covered the initial steps and got your company page up and running, but that is just the beginning. You really need to … Read more