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Overview of Instagram Comments

Writing a comment takes more effort than just liking the post. Before responding to your comment, the reader must consider it deeply.

We comment on posts that we usually feel connected to. As a result, attracting comments on Instagram is much more challenging than attracting likes. Some people come to your posts to read the comments and then to add their cents to them. People have also become popular through these comments, and since then, people have liked commenting on something different.

Instagram's algorithm gives more weight to comments because of the additional work they need. This makes them appealing to brands and influencers, who often purchase comments to increase their Instagram presence.

When you buy Instagram comments, your post gets more visibility. The more the post becomes visible to others, the more you attract new followers, which naturally helps your profile become more popular.

Create high-quality content that your followers will like, interact with your audience often, and work to build a feeling of community to grow your Instagram following. Buying comments is definitely a good strategy since it generates engagement or gets you actual followers.


Select a Plan to Buy Instagram Comments

You can select the plans below which service you want to buy for your Instagram Photo, Video or Reel.

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Major Features

Features mentioned below will help you get sufficient comments and enhance the visibility of your Instagram Photo, Video or Reel.

Speedy delivery

Instagram comments are delivered at an incredible speed once the payment process is over. You can just relax and watch the customized comments added to your Instagram post with ease.

24X7 customer assistance

Our customer assistance is available 24X7, and you can reach us easily for any order-related queries.

Multiple payment gateways

You can pay to buy Instagram comments from us through various payment gateways like credit card and debit card. Now nothing should stop you from taking the service.

Maintaining Secrecy

We never share our customers' identities with any third party. Your email id or payment gateway details remain secured with us. You will never face any issue regarding secrecy from us ever.


We have always mentioned that we distinguish ourselves from the market by delivering likes, followers and comments from real and active accounts. Our services always end up attracting more engagement.

Future prospect

People who are responding to your Instagram posts are real, and in future, they will attract real engagement and, in some cases, followers too! The commenter here are those who are active on the platform and hence can bring engagement in the future too!

The mentioned features are pretty impressive for sure, and there is no other service provider able to deliver them. Yes, we are not complacent as there is a still a room to grow and serve better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Increase the number of comments on your Instagram posts using the Buy Instagram Comments service. Attracting many comments to your posts might be challenging if you're starting out or trying to increase your profile's popularity. This is where your search for "Buy Instagram Comments" ends.

Having more people interact with your Instagram photos is a lot of fun. If you want further feedback, consider the following, like sharing engaging content, interactive, good hashtags and much more. Do not miss to take the aid of FBPostLikes who can add comments to your Instagram account easily.

It's important to use caution when considering purchasing comments for your Instagram posts, but ensure to buy from reliable sources like FBPostLikes.

Among many places online where you can purchase Instagram likes and comments FBPostLikes is the leading one. Be wary and check reviews thoroughly before committing, however. Find a trustworthy online resource using the following suggestions: explore opinions, genuine, budget-friendly and above all, take help from suggestions on different platforms.

Some services like FBPostLikes let you purchase Instagram comments and also allow you to personalize them. While others only give you a selection of canned responses. The extent you may personalize your experience will depend on the website.

While buying Instagram likes or comments may make you seem famous in a very short period of time, to maintain that, you need to be consistent with quality content. While this may raise the number of comments on your content in the short term, it is vital to remember that genuine engagement and meaningful connections with your audience will bring you lasting success.

Depending on your age and your parents' regulations, you may or may not need their permission to purchase Instagram comments. Before buying online, discuss your goals with them.

It's important to follow the proper protocol when purchasing Instagram comments. Some considerations are checking Instagram service agreement, genuinity and persistence, other available options, feedback and more.

The ideal strategy is to provide exciting and real content that people want to interact with. Increase the likelihood of your Instagram posts being popular by encouraging buying Instagram comments and growing a dedicated following.

Before opting for comments keep in mind these things:

The Instagram Service Agreement:

Instagram has a policy prohibiting users from purchasing comments. You risk being restricted or even deleted if you use fraudulent or artificial means to increase your account's popularity. But FBPostLikes takes care that you don't face all these hazards.

Pertinence and genuineness:

The number of comments on your postings may grow if you pay for them. To get a true and engaged audience, it is more important to communicate with your followers after buying comments.

Value of feedback:

Generic or automatic comments provided by certain providers may not be relevant to your topic. But you will get relevant comments if you buy Instagram comments from FBPostLikes. You will get genuine, well-considered, and pertinent comments that add to your postings content from FBPostLikes.

Think About the Other Options:

Focus on producing high-quality content, connecting with your audience, and making genuine relationships with purchasing comments. Asking questions or creating captions in your captions will help you attract more comments.

Once You ate clear with this, follow these simple rules to attract more Instagram comments:

Share engaging content:

Share content that is novel, captivating, or informative. People who find your postings engaging or motivational are more inclined to comment.

Inquire about:

If you want others to remark on your photo, ask a question in the description. You could post a picture of a breathtaking sunset and then poll your followers on their fondest sunset-related experiences.

Interact with people:

Leave intelligent responses to those who comment on your blog, and drop by their profiles and do the same. This may inspire people to follow suit on your postings.

Include hashtags:

Hashtags increase Instagram reach. Exposure enhances the chance of comments on your posts.

Use a team approach:

Take part in Instagram's challenges, team-ups, and shoutouts. This may boost the number of people who see your postings and the likelihood that they'll provide feedback.

The Importance of Instagram Comments:

Instagram comments are very important in the ever-changing Instagram. They provide credibility and social evidence for your content. Sincere feedback boosts the comment section and brings in more readers. Instagram users that actively go through feedback from their followers provide a more positive and exciting experience for everyone.

Some topics to think about are as follows:

Value of feedback:

You should be wary about buying comments since they may not be authentic or relevant. They could be standard or even robotic. This might give the impression that your account is spammy or fraudulent.

Breaking Instagram's rules in this way:

Instagram has a strict policy against users purchasing comments. Instagram may reduce your reach or suspend your account if they discover false interactions on your account.

Credibility and reliability:

Real interaction and unprompted feedback are more useful and earn the confidence of your readers. Buying likes or comments may make you seem famous, but it won't lead to genuine relationships or conversations.

Money and top priority:

Consider whether paying money to purchase comments helps you achieve your objectives. Focusing on producing high-calibre material and genuinely interacting with your fans is frequently more effective.

Create Excitement among the audience:

How many times did you go to an Instagram post just to check the comments, especially on a serious post? I am sure almost every time. The rest of the audience does the same, and having good comments on the post attracts more engagement.

Check these features when you decide to buy Instagram comments from FBPostLikes:

Value of Purchasing Instagram Likes and Comments:

If you want to expand your Instagram following quickly, consider purchasing comments. Your business will get off to a flying start. It will help you to get more active participation from real people. If your Instagram comments section is active and growing, the app's algorithm will take note and boost your profile accordingly. You may boost the visibility of your content and encourage more natural interaction from a larger audience by purchasing comments.

How to Get Instagram Comments:

Here at, we've made it easy and convenient to buy Instagram comments. Select the comment package that best fits your requirements from a list of options with just a few clicks. We guarantee the safety of your pricing information when you use our site, and we only use actual people who use Instagram to leave comments on your posts.

Here are our best recommendations for increasing your Instagram comments.

  • Hold a contest or freebie giveaway. You can add your giveaway contest which you are doing, on other social media handles in your Insta account. This strategy will boost your Instagram participation rates since everyone loves free stuff. Pick a reward that will appeal to your target demographic, publicize the contest, and invite people to participate by posting a remark. This fantastic social media tactic has helped several of our customers significantly improve the number of comments they get. Take it a step further by including user-generated content submissions in the contest.
  • Directly ask users to engage. If you want more responses, you should ask for them. While this may seem common sense, many individuals may benefit from paying more attention to it and receiving fewer comments. If you want the most feedback from your followers, publish simple, open-ended questions or solicit their thoughts on a hot issue. It is especially effective with potentially divisive subjects. You might also request comments or suggestions from the listeners.
  • Promote your content by using popular hashtags. You should research trending hashtags in your field and start using them. This will boost the visibility of your articles in search results, which should lead to greater interaction with your content. In addition, people are more likely to leave an organic comment or share your material in the future if they notice that you are consistently discussing issues that they find interesting.
  • Share your thoughts when others are most likely to read them. When you publish, your posts significantly affect how many responses you get. Doing your homework and finding out when to publish in your speciality is important. As many of our customers will attest, finding out when your target audience is most engaged online is essential.
  • Put up photos of people's or animals' faces. According to studies conducted by Yahoo Labs and the Georgia Institute of Technology, postings including images of human faces get 32% more comments than those without. To improve the number of comments on your posts, try posting more selfies, group images, and photos of your team. It should come as no surprise that Instagram postings, including images of animals, also do very well. Try to use post pictures of animals in your post, even if it has nothing to do with animals. It can help you capitalize on the popularity of posts featuring animals, which can be challenging without a bit of imagination.

When you choose, you'll get these benefits:

  • Choosing means selecting quality and dependability.
  • We take great satisfaction in providing authentic, engaging Instagram comments from genuine people.
  • Our flexible comment packages allow you to suit your specific needs.
  • We promise you'll be happy with our service, and our safe and quick shipping will give your Instagram profile the boost it needs.

How to Make Your Instagram Comments More Meaningful:

We provide helpful tips on making the most of Instagram comments so that you may completely use their potential. Create captivating captions that ask for comments to spark discussion and interaction. Respond to comments on your blogs promptly and with genuine interest and gratitude to indicate that you value their input. A strategy that includes organic and paid interaction yields more balanced and genuine results.

It costs money to buy Instagram likes, and some services may ask for sensitive data in exchange. Children sometimes need parental approval or supervision for such transactions to guarantee their safety and proper usage of Internet services.

Explain why you wish to purchase Instagram likes and comments from your parents or guardians. They can recommend the best course of action and explain the outcomes.

Remember that while making choices concerning online goods or services, it is essential to prioritize online safety, responsible spending, and open communication with parents or guardians.

Our Assurance of High Standards and Complete Satisfaction:

Here at, our number one priority is the happiness and pleasure of our customers. We only utilize genuine Instagram users interested in your posts to provide comments. If you have any questions or problems, our customer care is available 24x7. We are confident in our dedication to quality since we have a history of happy clients and successful projects.

Buying Instagram comments from is your hidden weapon in the competitive world of Instagram. Spending money on Instagram comments gives you enormous visibility and publicity benefits. Getting more comments is the key to growing your audience and keeping them interested in what you say. If you want to increase your visibility on Instagram, is the site to rely on.