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TikTok is one of the most popular social media applications in this entire world. It has become a status symbol for many people. People always try to express themselves through the popularity of their videos. Therefore, they always have competition with other content creators. Some content creators have a lot of likes on their videos, while others struggle to maintain preferences on their content.

If you want to outsmart your competitors in quick time, then it would be idle for you to buy likes on this social media platform. Buying like is a quick way to increase your video's popularity; by this, you can also make competition tough for your opponent. Therefore, our website FBPostLikes found an economical way for our users to buy likes on their videos.

We have professional working staff and reliable resources by which we deliver likes to our customers. Therefore, purchasing likes from our website is very safe because we provide the best quality and safe like to our customers at an affordable price. Apart from this, we have plenty of offers by which you can get off from our website, and this makes our website a perfect choice for you to go with.


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Major Features

Features mentioned below will help you get sufficient likes and enhance the visibility of your video.

Great offers

FBPostLikes offers their users many promo codes by which our users can get a lot of discounts while purchasing likes for their video. This makes it more economical for you to buy likes.

Fast delivery

Our website runs on a high-speed server that can instantly transfer likes on your video after you complete your order payment. It almost takes one to two hours to deliver likes entirely on your video.

Refund guarantee

Due to technical errors, many websites cannot perform or deliver things to their user, and we provide our customers with a full money-back guarantee if the service cannot deliver likes on users' videos. To know more about it, you can read our refund policy.

No chances of fall

There would be no downfall in our service, and we ensure that it will remain permanent. But if you lost some likes, we guarantee you to refill your loss within six months right after your purchase.

24/7 customer support service

We provide our users with 24 / 7 live support service, which can assist you with any problem related to our website or our service. Contacting them can be extremely easy via our chat systems such as e-mail addresses. Our staffs are so humble they would assist you even late at night.

Flexible payment method

We provide you with many payment methods so that you can easily choose according to your preference or your availability. Payment methods such as PayPal, bank transfer, net banking, Western Union, credit card, and debit card are available on our website.

Secure payment method

If you want extra security for your money, then you might use credit cards for payment because credit cards are known as the safest transaction in the world because they guarantee your money will be secure if someone tries to defraud you.

Password requirement

Our website would never ask you for your confidential information like password or other confidential information. This is necessary for building trust with our customers. Make sure that you do not share your information with anyone.

The mentioned features are pretty impressive for sure, and there is no other service provider able to deliver them. Yes, we are not complacent as there is a still a room to grow and serve better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions.

No, you do not have to submit your personal details like password or OTP to receive likes on your video because we would never ask you for such things.

For the safety of our users, we have developed a server that can deliver likes on video with the help of a link that you will provide on our website. And this makes the process safer and significantly faster.

No, you cannot get likes if your profile is private because we need a public profile link to deliver the likes on your videos. We suggest you set your account public if you want to buy likes for your video.

In case you face any problem, then we feel deeply sorry for the inconvenience, and with the help of our customer service, you can reach out customer executive who can assist you with your concerns.

The basic timing of our delivery is swift, and it takes almost one to two hours to deliver your likes on the video.

Due to some security purposes, social media platform only allows you to get around 100,000 likes at one time. But if you want to have more likes, then you can repeat the process to get another 100,000 likes.

No, TikTok would not ban you because it is 100 percent legal to buy likes. And there is no ban policy on TikTok for buying like. So, you do not have to worry about getting your account banned.

There is not any way by which people can find that you bought likes because we provide genuine and good quality like from actual users who work on our server.

Of course, buying like you can increase your organic development because a lot of likes can make people more curious to see your content. This is one of the best ways to improve your natural growth on the social media platform.

Firstly our website gives surety to satisfy their need correctly, but in case we failed to complete your needs or failed to deliver likes on your video due to some server error, then you might ask for a refund through customer services.

Yes, FBPostLikes also has likes services for other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. But, again, you can check out plans on our website.

Why should you buy TikTok Likes?

TikTok Likes will help you to gain popularity on social media platforms. People always judge a video by seeing how many people like their videos; even if your video is good, they will not play it if there are fewer likes on your video. So, this makes it very essential for some users to buy likes on their videos. You can use our website for instant delivery of like because our server is very swift and very secure. We guarantee our users high-quality likes and ensure the safety of users' accounts. Aside from this, more like again increase your chance of getting viral through this platform.

The algorithm of TikTok works on the number of likes on a video, and a lot of likes can secure the place of your account in discovery or suggestion. TikTok has over 2.5 billion downloads across the Internet, and it is widely used even more than platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. High-profile people like celebrities and sports person also use this application for entertainment purposes. Moreover, many people are earning a decent amount of money with the help of this social media platform. If you also want to make money to satisfy your needs, then your account must have a lot of likes.

Although likes would boost your engagement, you still need to improve your score and content to maintain your account's reputation. Many companies approach content creators who are incredibly famous and ask them to work in the advertisement of their products. This is an unlimited opportunity to get famous and rich as well. Buying like from us can be very handy because our user interface is amazingly simple and easily accessible. We also provide many promo codes and offer to make our price more affordable for new and small content creators.

If you want your content to come in the discover option, then you must be particularly good at making content, and if you are already good at creating content, then the chances of coming in discovery are extremely high, but the waiting time can be so much. And if you must skip the waiting time, then it might be necessary for you to buy TikTok Likes.

Why is TikTok important?

TikTok Is becoming the trendiest app all over the Internet, and it became famous in a brief time. It was initially launched with the name And which later become TIKTOK. It is an important application today because big brands prefer to work with the content creator on this application. So, this is becoming a good income source for many people. It is straightforward to make a video on this application, and it allows you to make a video of one minute, but most of the time, the content creator only makes a video of 10 to 15 seconds.

It has many features like filter transition effects, sounds, slow motion, and many more things which attract a lot of users to this application. Moreover, making videos on this social media platform is extremely easy, and posting them on their account please even easier than making the video. Some of the points are mentioned below why TikTok is especially important today.

  • It is used by every age group, whether they are old or young, and everyone tries to discover new things from this platform.
  • It is handy to use this application
  • Users are increasing day by day
  • It is a top-rated app, so it would be ideal for you to promote your business on it.
  • The possibilities of getting viral are so many.

Around 850 million users are active daily on this platform, and the competition is very tough. Many people work extremely hard to make their content better day by day but getting famous is not so easy; you must wait for it for a long time until you get success. Still, there is an alternative to skipping the waiting time, and that alternate is buying likes on your videos.

With the rapid increase of this platform, it is not possible that TikTok is getting down any sooner. This has become a status symbol for many people all around the world, and they compare their status according to how many likes they have on their accounts. Therefore, TikTok is becoming especially important in today's fast-paced life.

How to buy TikTok Likes?

Likes to decide your status today through social media applications, and people often buy likes to improve their image in society. It is effortless to buy likes from our website because our website's user interface is straightforward, and everyone can understand that. Moreover, we provide the best quality and deliver 100 % real likes on your video, and it is very safe to use FBPostLikes. Below is a Quick guide that might help you buy from our website easily.

  1. Open our website on your mobile or computer with the help of a web browser.
  2. Select the TikTok option from the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of your screen.
  3. You will find a page after scrolling down the list of prices and the number of likes you want for your account; you can choose them according to your preference.
  4. Select and Click on the package that you are going to buy.
  5. After this process, a page will appear which will ask you for the link to your video.
  6. Copy the URL of your video and paste it into the dialog box which was asking for your link.
  7. After that payment option will appear, and you must pay the website for delivering the likes on your video.
  8. As soon as the payment is made, the website will start delivering likes on your video, and it would take almost one to two hours to complete the entire process.
  9. Finally, you have a lot of likes on your video now.