Setting up Facebook ads


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Declining Facebook organic reach and its story


Facebook Organic reach has gone dropping. A lot down. In the past posting a link on the Facebook and Instagram page was able to generate many clicks. But not anymore. Social media traffic has remained stagnant at about 5 percent of all traffic for a long time. A post on Facebook will be seen by just five … Read more

20 strategies for increasing your Facebook organic reach


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Growing Facebook Page to the path of success!


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Ways to Increase Organic Reach in Facebook


You worked hard for your organic audience on Facebook. But with Facebook’s latest algorithm change prioritizing ‘meaningful engagement’ over all else, you feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you. Is this the time to cut your losses and head back to MySpace? Hardly. With 2.23 billion monthly active Facebook users, there remains … Read more

How to make Facebook Posts Popular?


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Importance Of An Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy


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How to Fix Facebook Ads


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