Create a Buyer Persona for Targeted Marketing

Chances are, you put a lot of work into formulating the decisions that affect your marketing. You know that planning is the most significant part of marketing when deciding on how much money to spend to map out your KPIs. This is especially true when it comes to small businesses, online or otherwise. So why … Read more

5 Online Marketing Strategies Every Business Should Try

Online Marketing

To succeed, every business needs a sound marketing strategy. However, finding the right combination of marketing tactics takes trial-and-error, especially in this digital age. Often, businesses are left confused about how to best position and market themselves. The good news is that, although growing a business and standing out among your competitors is challenging, it’s … Read more

5 Best Practices for Linking on Social Media

Social Media Linking

Social media is an important part of any strong marketing strategy. What you may not realize is that how you incorporate links on social media platforms can either hurt or help the effectiveness of your campaigns. Linking on social media can boost engagement, expand your reach, improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and overall enhance your … Read more

A Complete Branding Checklist for New Websites


Whether it’s for a business you recently started or an existing one that needed a makeover, creating a new website is exciting. However, there are a lot of branding elements to include before launching your site if you don’t want people to perceive your brand as sloppy or unprofessional. Fortunately, you can prevent that from happening by … Read more

What Are Brand Advocates And How Can You Attract Them?


Many consumers rely on recommendations to inform their purchases. Simply using advertisements to promote your products and services often isn’t enough. If you don’t have anyone talking up your business, your brand could be missing out. That’s where brand advocates can come to your rescue. These individuals can recommend your brand through social media and … Read more

Impacts of Covid-19 on Social Media Marketing of Businesses

social media

Even before 2020 has reached its halfway mark, a disease outbreak called the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) swept the globe with fear and apprehension. To slow down the spreading growth of this contagious virus, governments all around the world halted several operations and businesses. This necessary action resulted in different consequences. But, the main goal of … Read more

How to Turn One Piece of Content into Multiple for SEO


As most SEO specialists have learned, you must create quality content to grow organically. The same thing can be said for businesses that are building a social media presence or a new newsletter following. But as people consume more and more content each day, they become less receptive to basic content that doesn’t provide a … Read more