A Complete Guide to PPC Ad Formats


PPC ads come in many shapes and sizes. They also change frequently, which means it’s nearly impossible to provide a truly comprehensive guide for every ad format available. This guide is up to date at time of publication, but is likely to evolve over time. What follows is an overview of the major PPC ad formats that … Read more

Ways of Improving Your SEO by Social Media


Are you looking for how to use social media in your content strategy to improve SEO and Google search rankings? Do you want to boost your SEO campaign using social media? I will address those questions in this article with practical social media for SEO marketing tips. Improving your SEO strategy is vital because it increases … Read more

How to Create a Strong Social Media Brand (3 Tips)

social media

The rise of social media has given way to a new marketing environment. Your website was probably once the primary focus of your online branding efforts. However, today, the first introduction many consumers will have to your brand is through social media. The good news is that social media can be a powerful tool to boost brand … Read more

How to Use Instagram Like a Beauty Brand


Content promotion isn’t tweeting or upvoting and can be done in Instagram too. Those tiny, one-off tactics are fine for beginners. They might make a dent, but they definitely won’t move the needle. Companies that want to grow big and grow fast need to grow differently. Here’s how Kissmetrics, Sourcify, Sales Hacker, Kinsta, and BuildFire have … Read more

Creating A Linkedin Page to Promote Business


Have you created a LinkedIn business page yet? If you are a part of a company, institution, or organization looking to boost your audience and facilitate growth, it is time to step up your game and get one. Started back in 2018 by LinkedIn, these pages provide you with the opportunity to connect with consumers, … Read more

How to Create Video Ads that People Won’t Skip

video ads

Influencers and brands are always searching for the best ways to engage with their audience on social media. New content trends, new formats, and new social platforms are emerging all of the time, but there is one type of content that remains supreme: video. Why Marketers Use Video Ads Digital videos allow us to connect … Read more

The LinkedIn Insight Tag: What It Is and How to Use It


LinkedIn isn’t just a platform to show off your sweet professional headshot (nice haircut, btw!) and try to land a job at the startup with the best snacks. It’s also a place where 675 million people log in monthly, which means you’ve got an audience ripe for targeting, with the help of the LinkedIn Insight tag. You … Read more

6 Steps to Increase Brand Awareness

brand awareness

If you are genuinely interested in growing your business and remaining competitive. Then you already know that brand awareness is crucial to that matter. It’s not rocket science. It goes like this: the more that people are aware of your brand, the more of your product or service you are going to sell. As it … Read more