How to Delete Likes on Facebook

How to Delete Likes on Facebook

Facebook’s like button has been around for nearly ten years. it’s a handy thanks to show appreciation for your friends’ posts and express interest in niche Facebook pages. Without wasting time let me share you a guide on How to Delete Likes on Facebook

However, the number of pages you wish can accumulate quickly to the purpose of flooding your News Feed.

Luckily, there’s how to get rid of all the likes from your Facebook account. The methods below work for liked photos, post, pages, and just about anything you’ve thumbed up. You can’t continue to unlike a bunch of pages directly, so some patience could be needed once you start filtering through your Facebook likes.

How to Delete Likes on Facebook
How to Delete Likes on Facebook

If you would like to get rid of someone who likes your Facebook page

When you remove someone who likes your Page, they’ll not love it. confine your mind that Pages are public spaces, and other people you’ve removed can prefer to like your Page again.

You may also ban someone from your Page. once you ban someone from your Page, they’ll not love it. People you ban will still be ready to share content from your Page to other places on Facebook, but they’ll not be ready to publish to your Page, like or discuss your Page’s posts, message your Page or like your Page.

We recommend banning people that continually publish spam on your Page.

To remove someone who likes your Page:
1. Click Settings at the highest of your Page.
2. Click People and Other Pages within the left column.
3. Click to see the box next to the person you would like to get rid of.
4. Click and choose Remove from Page Likes.
5. Click Confirm.

If you would like to unlike Pages that you simply have liked

Here are fast and straightforward tricks to unlike many Facebook pages:
1. Log into your Facebook account and click on your name at the highest right-hand side of the page, next to “Home”.
2. Click on the “Activity Log” button. (A shortcut to travel on to the Activity Log page is by copy-pasting this URL into your browser window: Substitute your actual Facebook name for YOUR-FB-NAME).
3. On the left-hand side of the screen, select the link for “Likes and Reactions” then select “Pages and Interests”. This displays a handy list of all of the pages you currently have liked.
4. Each page listed features a grey pencil symbol on the right-hand side of the screen. Clicking the pencil gives you many options, including “Hidden from Timeline” and “Unlike”.
5. you’ll choose “Hidden from Timeline” if you would like to still follow the page, but you do not want to ascertain updates from the page on your timeline.
6. Choose “Unlike” if you would like to prevent following the page (this is that the option you will need to settle on if you’re approaching the limit of the number of pages you’re allowed to possess “liked”).
7. Work your way down the list, removing pages you not need. Voila!

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A few details why you need to actually care about your likes

In my last post I showed you ways to disable Facebook from “selling “your Facebook likes to pages. You need to take a glance at this feature, if you haven’t already.

Now that you’ve disabled that, you’re a minimum of safe that your friends won’t get spammed by someone, such as you did a couple of years ago but you’re still within the loop.

How so, you ask?
Ok, I’ll break it down for you. once you began to use Facebook everything seemed quite straightforward. You “friended” a lover otherwise you “liked” a page and from then on you saw 100% of these posts in your timeline. Not a drag, that’s exactly what you’d expect.

A few months / years later let’s check out this example again. Consistent with Facebook (in 2010) each user on the average is connected to about 80 pages/events/groups and to about 230 Friends (see here).

Your friends “like” stuff, they “friend” people, they post stuff on their wall, they upload pictures, they play games and pages do an equivalent.

It’s obvious that this leads to tons of stories for your timeline.

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All these stories now battle for your attention. Facebook can’t show you all. it might be an excessive amount of for every day.

Important stuff like say: “Your brother is now engaged” would be pushed down too fast for you to be ready to see it because you’re not online every minute.

So, Facebook must decide whether something is more relevant to you than other stuff. How? The measure Facebook uses is widely called “Edge Rank “(Read details).

It basically looks at your activity on Facebook to make a decision who of your friends are more important to you. For example: You write tons of messages back and forth with a couple of people on Facebook. this is often an honest indicator for Facebook that these are friends you’re on the brink of at the instant.

Facebook even knows who you hang around with because you tag people on events like concerts or parties. Ok, thus far so good. You’d maybe say: this is often just fine; Facebook probably does a reasonably good job sorting that stuff.

This is where your likes come in:
The same rules apply to posts by pages. Facebook shows those posts only to fans that have previously interacted or liked stuff by that page.

The uncomfortable truth for pages: Only about 16 − 20% of their fans will see their posts. this is often thanks to the facts I described above.

But Facebook features a solution for those page-owners. you’ll pay money to succeed in more of your fans. As your friends won’t pay any money (at least not yet) to succeed in you, their posts get pushed down more likely by a sponsored-story (a page-post that’s backed with money).


The more pages you’ve previously liked, the larger the prospect that your friend’s posts relevancy gets “bought down” by ad-driven Facebook-pages. That’s why you ought to remove likes from Facebook every now then

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