How to Enable Follow Option in Facebook to Increase Followers

Facebook is the most widely-used social networking platform, where users can post images, upload statuses and can post comments on other’s photos. Users can even upload links of videos, news and other content available on the internet. It is an easy way to spread any information across the globe. Posted content can be made public anytime and can attract millions of users in seconds. You can also limit the people who can see your posts. Facebook is user-friendly and easy to use. Even people with minimal knowledge of technology can easily sign-up on Facebook and start using it regularly. It helps to reconnect with long lost friends and stay in touch with your friends and relatives.

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How to enable followers on your Facebook page?

When anyone adds you on Facebook, he becomes your friend and automatically starts following you. But, you can let people follow you even if they are not your friends. Facebook has provided an option to activate this on your profile.

How to allow followers from an android device?

Download the official app of Facebook on your android device. You can find it in the play store.

After downloading it, log in with your Facebook account details. Now you will see three horizontal lines on the top-right of your Facebook page.

Tap on the three horizontal lines and scroll down to ‘account settings’.

Scroll down and tap on ‘public’ posts.

You will now see the option saying ‘who can follow me’, tap on it and set in on ‘public’.

How to allow followers from an iOS platform?

Open the Facebook app.

Now you will see three horizontal lines at right bottom corner of your mobile’s screen.

Tap on the three dots, and you will see a list of options. Scroll down to ‘settings and privacy’ and tap on it.

Go to the account settings and tap on ‘public posts’

You will be able to see the option of ‘who can follow me’, tap on it and select ‘public’ from the options.

How to allow followers from a desktop or PC

Most people surf Facebook from their mobile phones. So, it might be difficult for them to allow the followers on their Facebook profile through a desktop. So here are some easy steps in which you can enable everyone to be your followers easily and boost your fan base:

Open the official site of Facebook on your desktop’s browser.

You will land on the home page of the Facebook

Now you need to login into your account, to do that you have to fill your username and password and tap on login.

Once you are into your account, you will see a click down arrow at the end of a blue bar at the top right side of your Facebook profile.

From the lists of options available, choose settings.

Scroll down in setting to choose ‘public posts’ from the menu.

Now you will be able to see the ‘who can follow me’ option. Tap on it and set into ‘public’ and now anyone can follow you easily.

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