Steps – Create Pay per Application Install Facebook Ad

No doubt that with the latest trend of applications, Facebook app install and is also becoming the first choice of many people. You can get a considerable response with the help of this particular option which is really great. The entire focus of creating this kind of app is simulating people to install your application. It is really nice for any kind of business and you can make a good impression of it.

facebook for business

The process of creating pay per application is a bit complicated but when you look at its benefits, it is worthy of your time and efforts. Here we are going to talk about that in detail through which you can make this possible get the objective your business.

Requirements for pay per app install ad

There are two types when it comes to app install ads on Facebook. In a first manner, you can put this in front of a huge audience by which you are connected. The other good thing about this particular type of method is that it is much cheaper and you can manage it very well. But you should be aware of the fact that it is not a much compelling method. There are quite chances that you may end up paying more and may have less conversion.

Second type of the ads

The second type of the ads that you can take into your consideration is pay per install version. In this method, you will be open to a huge number of audiences and it will be putting special attention on the installation. This way you will be able to get more likes, shares and other methods of direct response. You will be paying only when someone is installing the app.

One more thing to know

You should know the fact that to create pay per application installs Facebook and there are no more obstacles that you need to cross. To run the pay per install ads, you need to prove that you are actually getting click who install your application. This is necessary because it will make sure that you are not launching a completely new application by creating such advertisements.


Now you must be thinking behind the reasons to put such steps in the process of creation of ads. This is done by the Facebook to make sure that only genuine people are there and no fraud cases are being launched. It is necessary for the safety of Facebook users.

In simple words, you must have already a successful application to start this process on Facebook. Only after this, you can be sure that you are able to run the install Facebook ads.

The other most important thing is that you need to have a good number of installations on Facebook. This is also a part of Facebook policy to make sure that you have fully functional and a valid application. In several other processes, you will be asked to validate your other data like user id and application ID. Only after the completion of the verification, you will be allowed to start the process of creation of pay per install ads.

Factors behind the cost of ads

The most important factor in the ads is keeping the cost down. Well, here you should be aware of every single aspect which can put an effect on the cost of ads. The most important factor in the costing of the ad is the country. It is a noteworthy fact here that some countries like the UK are most costly for the purpose of Facebook ads on the other hands, in some countries you can do it without spending much.

It is generally seen that non-English speaking countries are the cheapest one. This simply means that to cover the huge number of the legitimate Facebook users you may be spending a bit more than your target but at the end, it is worthy of your money and thus you should not hesitate here to pay a bit more.

Lower down the overall cost of the pay per install

Now you must be thinking about the right method by which you can bring down the cost of pay per install low. Well, there are several methods but here we are going to tell you about the most legitimate and easiest method by which you can improve the overall effect. By following certain tricks you can lower down the number of waste clicks and increase the overall conversion rates.

Attention to the hobbies

Pay more attention to the hobbies of your users. This is one of the nice methods by which you can improve the response in several folds. In any other way, it is very hard to find about the interest of the users about your particular products or services. But through hobbies, you can find out more and more about the preference of the audience and convert them into potential sales. This way it will be costing you less but you will be getting more profit by it.

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