How to Secure Facebook Account?

No doubt, most of the people prefer to save their data on the social networking sites. Did you know it is dangerous for us? Just because of technological gadgets we are compromising details with someone else.  You can lose your precious details and millions of dollars in the fraction of seconds. If you want to buy Facebook page likes, then you should choose a reputable site.

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Before saving your precious details in the social networking site, you should secure your password. However, Facebook is one of the great, but according to experts, it isn’t enough security. But how to secure account form hacking? If you want to prevent the account from a hacker, then you should add following things like-

  • E-mail Id
  • Phone Number
  • Government Approved Id
  • Secure password

Don’t share the precious password with someone else because it can create a big hole in the pocket. Isn’t an easy thing but you can save your account from the hacking? Therefore, you can seek the help from cybercrime experts that will definitely help you. Let’s discuss the ways that will secure your personal account.

Log in with the site

You should open the Facebook login page and enter the email and password as well. Bear in mind that, you shouldn’t check the keep me logged in option.

  • If you want, then you should tap on the keep me logged on option on your personal profile only.

Never compromise your password with someone else

In the past, most of the people share their precious password the other Facebook users that lead to the hacking. If you are sharing your valuable password with someone else, then it can put you in trouble.

Don’t login your account

If your friends are trustworthy enough, then you can log in anywhere. Whereas’ don’t login your precious account in the public cyber café because it can be dangerous for you.

  • After login on the cyber café computer, you should clear the history, cache from the Browsers.

Avoid phishing

Did you know what phishing is?  It is one of the hacking platforms that can hack your account in the fraction of seconds. If you are receiving any kind of dangerous link on the message, then don’t open it. However, avoid another thing like password decryptor application and fakes like sites as well.

Don’t use third-party applications

It is one of the most important methods where you have to change all the account settings. However, most of the third-party applications will require a login of your account. It is recommended that don’t log in with them. If you want to use such an application then you should use in the Guest mode.

Change the setting

If you are running the Facebook business page, then you should buy FB page likes from the best website. However, it is the last step where you have to secure your Facebook account. You should go on the setting and enable the secure browsing from the settings.

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