Simple Steps to Convert Your Facebook Group to a Business Page

Changing a personal page into a business page on the facebook can be profitable in many ways. You can present and your products and services in a good manner and make everything look quite professional. Mange options are available there in this context which you can use but converting a group into a page need special efforts to be made.

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It is a bit tricky task to convert a particular group into a page. This will certainly need efforts to be made. This is so because we need our audience to be shifted. It is not possible to make someone agreed to follow a page on the facebook and thus you should know about the simple steps for this particular task. We are going to tell you about the step by step guidance by which you can make everything easy.

Start the creation of the page

  • The first thing that you will need is an ideal business page that you should have. Make sure that every single detail about the products and services is available on this particular page. By doing this you will be making sure that your audience is getting the full information. The process of making the page on the facebook is very easy and you can do it in very simple steps.
  • At the time of choosing the category, you should be very careful and make sure that you are choosing the most relevant category on Facebook. In case you already have a particular page then you can avoid this step and move ahead towards the next step.

A transition period of the page

  • After the completion process of the page, you need to go forward with the determination of the transition period. In some situations, this can be avoided but most of the time you should accomplish the process. Now you must be clear about the transition period. This is the actual time that you will need to spend on the group.
  • Most of the users prefer to choose the 30 days of the time but you can also extend it as per your requirements. You should always remember the fact that there is hardly anyone who log in to their account check the group.

In the next part, you are expected to make the page available for the general public. In this part, you should make the page published and after the publishing of the page, it will be available for the audience on the facebook. You can also make the post to tell everyone that this particular group belongs to you.

Giving invitation to members to join you

  • Creating the great audience for your page will be the next task that you should do. No doubt that in the starting you will have to make some efforts to create a good audience for your page. There are some options which you can take into your consideration to improve the number of people visiting your page every day.
  • You can use the invite friends to like your page. Here you need to choose the group an audience to get more visits. Facebook has a special option here and it will be sending a message to member and they will be simulated to like the page. Now, this process is very important because it will be quite easy for people to get in touch with your new page.

In the process of invitation people, you may be facing a problem of limitation. Here you should be very careful because with the limitation you may have to join the page manually.

Optional practice of closing group

  • In the next steps, you are expected to close your group. Now here two different methods are available that you can practice. In the first method, you can choose to lock the group so that no future posting can be done. In the second method, you can choose the delete it forever. But you should know the fact that locking a group is an easier process than other.
  • You should make the decision wisely. But when you feel that your group is important for you and can be useful, you should not delete it. It is better to keep it. It is quite possible that you may have some material in the group which can be used for the future prospect than you can use it.

Creation of a group tab

In case you are willing to keep the group as well, you can choose that who will be managing the group. You can select a particular moderator who will be managing your group on your behalf. You can make a perfect head who will be managing about the different posts in the group. But you should make sure that you are giving this particular authority to the responsible person only.

Now you can hit the next option on the official page that you have created. With the help of it, you will be able to create a group tab. This option will be available in the page settings where you can simply go and click on the edit your page option.

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